The Great Japan Adventure: Getting There!

Hey all!

So, I wrote this post awhile ago and when I went to actually put it up my internet freaked out and lost it. The. Whole. Amazing. Thing. I was a little too depressed to rewrite it right away, but here’s to a new (and hopefully just as awesome) post! (That’s also being saved every other word!!!!!!!)

March 20th. Just an average day I’d lived through about 23 times, but 2014’s was a bit different. It was the day I left home, family, and everything familiar and understandable to venture off into the unknown for a year. My first ever trip abroad!

Here we go!
Here we go!

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The Night Before Departure

It’s about a quarter to 2. AM. And I’m still packing! This might be easier if I was not a hoarder/procrastinator/chronic overpacker but the fact that I am stuffing (folding/rolling ended SO long ago…) my life into a suitcase and a backpack with a 50lb weight limit is kind of irritating. I personally think airlines should set a size limit and if you can fit everything you need into it you should be applauded as the packing-master and tetris-champ and left at that. Thank goodness for the Wii Fit because in my house-of-no-scales I would have been tear-jerkingly over-weight at the airline check-in and paying for that as well as my extra luggage (the aforementioned backpack).

Rant over.

Really though I think my nerves are transferring into packing woes this late at night and the fact that I’ve just said goodbye to my Continue reading

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Hard Goodbyes and Homesickness: 6 Ways to Beat the Blues

Hey all!

Last glimpses of California...
Last glimpses of California…

Forgot who I was did you? Sorry about that! A lot has been happening and I’m just going to start by going in chronological order starting with this post.

Last Sunday was my birthday! It’s been four years since I spent a birthday at home because I’ve been away at college, so my parents decided to celebrate with a bang! It was a combination Continue reading

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“Are You Nervous?”

So lately I have been getting this question more and more! It seems every day my family or some random stranger that has heard about my upcoming adventure (from my family) is asking me “so are you nervous?” And I never have been.

"Are You Nervous?"
“Are You Nervous?”

Until one day…

I realize it’s March. Hold the phone! Say that again? Yeah, it’s March. And I checked my countdown and realized I have less than 20 days until I leave for Japan! My, time does fly!

Short answer: Yes. Of course I’m nervous. I think Continue reading