Things to Do (Pre-Departure)

♥=Mission Accomplished!

  • ♥Visit AAA for an IDP
  • Add mom to bank account/power of attorney
  • ♥  book flight 
  • ♥when get CoE, exchange for Visa
  • ♥take out cash OR get traveler’s checks
  • ♥exchange some cash for yen
  • ♥Inform bank my card will be going international
  • ♥stock up on face wash, prescriptions, foundation, deodorant, toothpaste
  • ♥make packing list
  • ♥check if 45L pack will work as a carry-on (.)
  • ♥organize pictures on computer
  • ♥take pics of hometown, house, pets, food, etc.
  • ♥make preliminary budget
  • ♥get 2 sets of passport photos (1 for visa, 1 for IDP)
  • ♥get a haircut
  • ♥print plane ticket/itinerary
  • ♥cash in saving’s bonds
  • trial packing
  • ♥actual packing
  • ♥Online Interac Training assignments

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