What I’ve Learned So Far!

Hey all!

I’m back and I bow to you in sincerest apology! もうしわけありません!I have no excuse, and I have so much to say and so much to catch you up on I don’t even know where to begin. So here’s just a compilation of the major things that I’ve learned from my 4 months of living in Japan (in the order they decide to randomly pop into my head).

1. A country is a country, no matter how far. Dreaming of Japan and all of the places I wanted to go, they seemed so incredibly exotic and unfamiliar. Like life as I knew it would never be the same again and adventure would be waiting to spring on me around every corner. Continue reading

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Navigating Tokyo: My Big City Day Trip!

My first trip to Tokyo was also going to be one of my first solo trips. But happily some of my fellow ALT’s decided to come along and

My proof I was in Tokyo!
My proof I was in Tokyo!

meet me about half-way through the day! Here’s a rundown of my Tokyo Adventure and some tips based on what I learned there so you can hopefully learn from my mistakes!

Getting There

Not many people have heard of the Ibaraki Airport, but it offers some pretty sweet perks! Located in Omitama City towards the middle-southern part of the prefecture the airport also serves as air-base for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. Their priority is keeping things low-cost so they have free parking, three consistent airlines, and several buses going north and south. What makes this place very valuable for me is the proximity (20 minute drive from me), free parking, and shuttle bus service directly to Tokyo Station (¥500 if you are an airline passenger transferring in Narita or Haneda, ¥1,000 for general). ¥1,000 to get to Tokyo is dirt cheap compared to a train! Continue reading

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