Taking the JLPT in Japan- How I’m Learning Japanese!

And so much more...
And so much more…

I’ve now been living in Japan for a year and a half and I have yet to write anything about learning Japanese! Shameful!

The truth is, my Japanese ability is pretty embarrassing. When I thought I was leaving last March I stopped studying over the winter, thinking it wouldn’t matter, and ever since it’s been hard to pick it back up. But many of my friends are starting to take the JLPT and I’ve decided to challenge myself and join in the weekly study parties to attempt either the N4 or N5. Continue reading

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Stories From China: May I Take Your Picture?!

Feeling famous!
Feeling famous!

Being one of two Westerners in a rural Japanese town leads to some staring. They still stare into my shopping basket and they still watch me walk into the bank. I thought I was used to it. I thought China couldn’t possibly stare any more than i was already accustomed to.

… Silly Kendra!

I was in Beijing, strolling down a winding hutong alley in the early morning on my way to my subway station Continue reading

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A SoCal Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Seasons- Part 2: Fall and Winter!

Mt. Tsukuba
Mt. Tsukuba

Here we go! The year is moving fast and it’s time for a new survival guide! Hope it helps and let me know if you have any more questions!


Ah, the fall. My #1 most favorite season, especially in Japan! Summers humidity is gone, it’s not too cold yet and the colours! My gosh the colours! I’ve never seen trees so vibrant and reds, golds and oranges so breathtakingly vivid. I love summer but the fall totally wins as my favorite season. Continue reading

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