How to Teach a Speech- Going to the Ibaraki Prefecture English Speech Competition!

Ibaraki English Speech Contest!
Ibaraki English Speech Contest!

Every year in Kasama City, Jr. High students from all over Ibaraki come together with their teachers and their ALT’s to present their own unique 5-minute speech. This year 78 students participated, split into 2 groups. Continue reading

Kairaku-en, Ume Matsuri and the Return of the Volunteer Tour Guides!

Candles in the Park's field. Yoru Ume= Night Plums!
Candles in the Park’s field. Yoru Ume= Night Plums!

Located in Mito City in Ibaraki Prefecture, Kairakuen (偕楽園) has been designated as one of the three most beautiful parks in Japan. And lucky me, I only live about 40 minutes drive south! In general, Kairakuen is a pretty park, Continue reading

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School Life in Japan: Sports Day!

The whole school marches out behind their flags!
The whole school marches out behind their flags!

Summer break is over, the homework is turned in and 2nd term has started. You know what this means?

You got it! Sports Day!

The late summer air filled with students cheering and laughing, teachers screaming encouragement (because no one here is competitive at all, no, absolutely not!) and parents scrambling to get the best photo spot to practice their action shots (it’s a nation of photographers after all). Continue reading

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