Interac Seminar! Part 3 (Interview)-Los Angeles, CA

The beginning of the end. Part 3 here we go! You’re almost done! Woohoo! (Miss Part 1 and Part 2? Here they are!)


So we finished with the demos between 12 and 12:30 and then had lunch! There was a mall across the street so all of us went together and ate at the food court. Before we left, Richelle had given each of us the time of our interview. In the order we went in the demo lessons. So again, I was LAST. My interview was at 4:45PM and so I talked with everyone until one by one, they left for their personal interview. I called home, went Christmas shopping, and listened to Christmas carols in my car until FINALLY it was time.

The interview was pretty relaxed and we just laughed a lot through it. I got to ask any questions I still had or had thought of over my hours of being alone with my thoughts and then it was just her telling me about her relevant experiences as an ALT and asking me questions. I think they have a long list of potential questions to ask and they choose from those to kind of personalize your interview and really get to the parts of you they want to know more about. For example, she asked me what I like about being a teacher, what I had liked/disliked about the educational system in Japan when I was studying it in a class and for my senior project, etc. She also asked my strengths and weaknesses, why I want to go to Japan, my placement requests, driving, what I think Interac would expect of me as an ALT, etc. Really just basic interview stuff. If you answer honestly everything will go well and you already know the recruiter and are familiar with them by then so it’s not intimidating at all like a normal interview with a random stranger could be. Just relax, tell the truth, be excited that you made it this far, and it should work out for you!


I am not hired yet (my seminar was 2 days ago) so take this info+tips with a grain of salt until I update the acceptance/rejection I will be posting hopefully before the Tokyo office goes on Christmas break! During the interview Richelle went through and made sure my references were in and my documents were submitted (they all were!) and so she said she would send my packet on to Tokyo on Friday (12-13-13) and that I should probably know before the 23rd whether I have a spot or not!!! AHHHH!!! So until then, I will be religiously and obsessively checking my email (even more than now, which is crazy!) and crossing every finger and toe on me. :)

I’ll update when I hear, but until then, stay awesome!!!

Ja ne!

Check out my YouTube videos about the seminar here!

2 thoughts on “Interac Seminar! Part 3 (Interview)-Los Angeles, CA

  1. robin February 6, 2014 / 10:17 AM

    Thanks for posting all of this interac information! It’s really helpful :)


    • oneworld,onegirl February 6, 2014 / 12:03 PM

      Anytime! Glad to help :) If you ever have any more questions, feel free to ask!


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